Atlas produces a large, comprehensive programme for the truck-mounted crane sector.

Atlas offers Hydraulic Cranes with load moment ranging from 13 to 600 kNm (1.3 to 60 MT) in various designs and Loading Cranes with extensive accessories programme, including vertical control valves, remote controls, dual-circuit systems, sensitive proportional action (LS) valves with variable pitch pumps, mechanical extensions, Z-arm equipments, elevating personnel cages, cable winches and others.
ATLAS 85.1

ATLAS 85.1 Datasheet
Technical Data:
  • Classification as per DIN 15018 - H1 - B3
  • Operating pressure - max. 270 bar
  • Recommended pump delivery rate - 35 l/min
  • Slewing range - 410 deg.
  • Stabilizer spread, standard - 3.
General Notes:
  • For stationary installation, the operating pressure must be reduced
  • Additional mechanical extensions reduce load capacity when retracted
  • Dimensions in "m", Load capacities in "t"